Want To Be A Freight Broker?

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How to become a Freight Broker

Right now it's a great time to be in freight brokering industry, and there are lots of reasons for starting your own brokerage now.

Here are some tips on what to do first:

Gain industry experience and study

While brokering freight does not require experience and knowledge in the field, a will power is among the most qualities you need to have in order to make it.

In terms of expertise, it is best to improve your math skills because you will need to make use of them on a regular basis. Turning on your business knowledge is vital too, for the reason that you need alert analysis and best thinking to make the top of existing opportunities.

Take a freight broker training

Besides the general expertise you need to develop or refresh, you might want to attend a freight broker school in order to get completely prepared for actual needs of the brokering work. Obtaining the best freight broker training books is also very vital.

The top option for freight broker agent training is to be present at freight broker classes. There are different strong freight broker training professionals.

Select a company name and register your business

In order to lawfully operate a brokerage, you will also have to select a firm name and register your business. You can check whether the name you have selected is taken at the Trademark Office and US Patent. Part of registering is also carefully choosing the type of entity you would like to register as – limited liability Company, partnership, sole proprietor.

Find the right carriers

A freight brokers with no carriers is same as a ship without sails. Part of your go-to-market technique should also contain finding the carrier which job in the field of operations you have selected for yourself. What’s more, the best carriers are also the ones that are reliable, trusted, and expert. This makes the job hard but not impossible!

Get a freight broker bond

The objective of the bond freight broker is to promise that you will go after all the appropriate rules and regulating in your brokering. In other words, the bond is an extra line of credit for your business. Because the danger involved in providing you with this, when you apply for a bond, the security needs to take a close and hard look at your business and personal finances, as well as your credit scores and full stability of your business.

These are some general tips - if you want a more complete solution check out our review below of Freight Broker Bootcamp:


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What is "Freight Broker Bootcamp"?

Make thousands providing this little known service?

Ever heard of the term “Freight Broker?”

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So what does a “Freight Broker” do?

Well, basically, all you have to do is help shippers move freight from A to B. You do this by helping them find a trucking company that is willing to move the freight for less than the shipper will pay.

Basically you’re a middle man that matches shippers with trucks.

You can earn between 10% and 35% per deal.

And depending on the size of the freight this means you could potentially earn millions per year.

But I’ll be honest…getting into the freight brokerage business can be tough.

Lucky for you there’s now an insider willing to spill the beans.

His name is Dennis Brown and he used to make over $3,000,000.00 a month in this business.

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In fact he’s a high school dropout.

He started with zero experience in trucking or logistics. But through painful trial and error learnt everything there is to know about this business…

And now he’s going to show it to you…step by simple step.

This business has a huge income potential and very low startup costs.

Plus you can run it from home and don’t need employees.

All you require is a phone and internet connection.

And if you’re really ambitious, after a couple of years you can cash out for big bucks just like Dennis did. Take advantage of this opportunity while you still can.

Becoming a freight broker is quick, easy and highly lucrative.

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